Beautiful Hidden Lake in Montana

hidden lake in montana Hidden Lake is located in Glacier National Park in Flathead County, Montana in the United States. Hidden Lake is surrounded by Bearhat Mountain in the southwest, Clements Mountain in the north and Reynolds Mountain in the east. Hidden lake is a popular day hike destination. Continue reading →

Pictures of Cute Clouded Leopards

beautiful clouded leopard picture Clouded Leopard is a cat, found in southeast Asia and China. They are classified as vulnerable in 2008 as the total population is fewer than 10000 mature individuals with the count decreasing day by day. The fur of clouded leopards is of a dark grey color with black spots on the head and the ears. […] Continue reading →

Pictures of Beautiful Venice in Italy

beautiful bridge across canal in venice Venice is a beautiful city in the northeastern Italy which is well-known for its beauty of its settings, beautiful architecture and its artworks. Venice is located in the marshy Venetian Lagoon which stretches along the shoreline between the mouths of the rivers Po and Piave. Venice is one of the most beautiful city built by […] Continue reading →